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Got your nose!
October 24, 2001


A novelty act from Australia called "Puppetry of
the Penis" currently touring the U.S. features two
naked performers manipulating their genitals into
various shapes for the amusement of their audience.

The Top 15 Signs Your Partner is
Moonlighting as a Penis Puppeteer

    1. When he slides on a condom, a little voice says, "S'alright."

    2. His suggestion of "Miss Piggy style" makes you rather uncomfortable.

    3. His underwear is permanently stretched into the outline of a swan.

    4. When you touch him suggestively he says, "Not now, Honey, we go on in an hour."

    5. He can't take a leak without a follow spot and a drum roll.

    6. He actually gets upset when you can't make your "Juliet" talk to his "Romeo" from the little makeshift balcony.

    7. Every time he puts on a condom, he starts talking in that silly muffled voice.

    8. You hear weird Cockney accents in the bedroom and rush in to find him whacking his costumed member with a tiny little baton.

    9. More than once, you've finished foreplay with a mouthful of yellow felt.

    10. "How about this? Does it look more like Shirley Temple now?"

    11. When he says they're blue, he's talking turquoise -- with sparkles!

    12. Cringes when Chuck E. Cheese makes a balloon dog.

    13. All your doilies smell like crotch.

    14. Just replaced his foreskin with a tiny Banana Republic turtleneck.

      and the Number 1 Sign Your Partner is Moonlighting as a Penis Puppeteer...

    15. You casually mention you'd like to go to Paris, and the next night it's sporting a little beret.

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