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Pasteurized for Your Safey
October 23, 2001

The Top 14 Pet Peeves of Teachers

    1. "God, I hope that's just chalk dust on my desk."

    2. Apples, apples, apples! Would it kill these kids to pass a little of the good weed this way?

    3. Benighted administrators who insist you know the subject you're teaching.

    4. Last state-mandated pay raise was held up because the Legislature got sidetracked with seceding from the Union and raising an army to fight the Yankees.

    5. Gone are the ditto machines and the righteous between-class buzz their fluid once provided.

    6. Finishing a cafeteria lunch only to realize you're actually in the biology specimen lab.

    7. It's been almost 20 years since the movie, yet the Spicoli imitations go on and on.

    8. They sit there all confused in math class, but they've hacked your e-mail account and have an algorithm that would baffle Einstein to determine the relative value of their Pokemon collections.

    9. The food stamp office closes before your last class.

    10. Hard to find a decent Kevlar flak jacket that doesn't pinch under the arms.

    11. Students who offer sex for a better grade, then fail to come through on their end of the bargain.

    12. Hall passes written on butt cheeks.

    13. Phys Ed teachers who shake you and your fellow science teachers down for lunch money in the teachers' lounge.

      and the Number 1 Pet Peeve of Teachers...

    14. Corporal punishment has been outlawed and psychological torment just takes too damn long.

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