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October 12, 2001

The Top 13 Little Known U.S. History Facts

    1. Janet Reno used to be female.

    2. Lewis and Clark were really looking for this great rib joint they heard of on the outskirts of St. Louis -- they just refused to ask for directions.

    3. Al Gore's invention of the electric light bulb made it possible for election officials to count votes at night.

    4. Boston Tea Party actually sponsored by a certain well-known coffee company from Seattle.

    5. During a brief period in June of 1985, certain important decisions regarding US foreign policy were made without the input of a qualified astrologist.

    6. John Hancock had to be physically restrained from "signing" the Declaration of Independence with his butt cheeks.

    7. Rhode Island is a mythical place invented by William Randolph Hearst to sell more papers.

    8. The designer of the Empire State Building suffered erectile dysfunction most of his life.

    9. Up until 1890, the Electoral College was a two-year vo-tech.

    10. The Statue of Liberty had to be altered because when the French originally gave it to us, she had underarm hair.

    11. The Liberty Bell actually cracked due to Benjamin Franklin's failed experiments in bong technology.

    12. Betsy Ross's first idea for the US flag was a cartoon Calvin peeing on the Union Jack.

      and the Number 1 Little Known U.S. History Fact...

    13. "I cannot tell a lie, Father. The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy cut down your cherry tree."

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