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October 3, 2001

The Top 15 Most Embarrassing Ways
to Get Yourself Arrested

    1. Test-driving the fixtures in Home Depot's bathroom department

    2. Violating Mississippi's "boner law," when in fact, all you did was shoplift a cucumber

    3. "I'm afraid you'll have to come with us, ma'am. On you, those bicycle shorts are a crime."

    4. Stealing copies of "Dianetics"

    5. Peeking in the windows at Ed Asner's house

    6. "So, how much extra if you're wearing the uniform, Baby?"

    7. Inconsequential Exposure

    8. Impersonating an officer -- of the Starship Enterprise

    9. The store was closing. They asked you several times to leave the appliance department. But, dammit, "The A Team" was on!

    10. "Raise your right hand. Do you solemnly -- whoa, I said your HAND!"

    11. Stalking David Hyde-Pierce.

    12. Your headline reads: "Naked Bandit Nabbed After Vacuum Store Mishap"

    13. "Sir, put the sheep down and nobody will get hurt."

    14. Taking your Vegas show's George Michael impersonation a little too far

      and the Number 1 Most Embarrassing Way to Get Yourself Arrested...

    15. Jay-and-Silent-Bob-walking

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