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Top 10 lists! is the premier online site for top 10 lists.

That's no exaggeration, either:

We've been publishing top 10 lists daily since 1994.

There are over 2500 lists in our archives -- and still growing!

TopFive consists of one moderator and over 500 hand-picked comedy writers. Every day a different topic is sent to the writers, they send back their ideas, and the moderator compiles the best ones into a finished list.

When the list was first started, it consisted of about a dozen friends who published a 5-item list to share amongst themselves -- hence the name

The list quickly grew to hundreds of writers and tens of thousands of readers. Brand new lists are published every weekday, with the general public seeing the actual "top 5" and our ClubTop5 premium list subscribers getting the entire list -- usually between 15-20 items. ClubTop5 members get much more, too.

TopFive has appeared in countless major magazines and newspapers, on dozens of TV shows and hundreds of radio shows worldwide. Many celebrities have dropped in to guest-moderate lists for us: Pat Sajak, Michael Moore, Alex Trebek, Mark Cuban, Smash Mouth, Asia Carerra, Scott Adams, Adam Curry and Ed Begley Jr., to name a few. Millions of people have read our lists.

So make yourself at home and browse around a while. A few good starting points:

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