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Our honored inductees, contributors who have consistently
met and raised the lofty standards of TopFive humor:

Chris White

Bruce Ansley

Ann Bartow

Peter Bauer

Geoff Brown

Marsha Clodfelter

Jeff Downey

Sam Evans

Kevin Freels

Fran Fruit

Jennifer Hart

LeMel Hebert-Williams

Dave Henry

John Hering

Tony Hill

Larry Hollister

Lloyd Jacobson

Steve Hurd

Sandra Hull
David Kass

Carl Knorr

Dennis Koho

Wade Kwon

Dave James

Doug Johnson

Allen Lindsey

Jim Louderback

Steve Maybo

Joseph Moore

Kim Moser

Bill Muse

George Olson

Paul Paternoster

Peter Rogers

Jim Rosenberg

Jeff Scherer

Mark Schmidt
Mark D. Sabien

Chuck Smith

Ed Smith

Lev L. Spiro

Tom Stoudt

Don Swain

John Treusch

Christopher Troise

John Voigt

Cathie Walker

Peg Warner

Daniel Weckerly

Hank Weilevy

R.M. Weiner

Mark Weiss

Dave Wesley

Ken Woo

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