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Way back on February 24, 1999, TopFive did a list of
The Top 13 Jewish Country & Western Songs
-- one of our most popular lists ever.

Months later, in early November, we started receiving reports
that Vice President Al Gore was using some of the runner up
submissions from that list in speeches to various groups.

One thing led to another, and next thing you know,
those humor gangstas at TopFive are in the news again!


The sequence of events:

  • NY Daily News gossip columnist Mitchell Fink has a paragraph about Al Gore using Jewish humor.
  • Tom Baxter discusses the story in the Cox News' "Campaign 2000" section.
  • An article appears in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  • Cox news' Kathey Pruitt also covers the story.
  • San Jose Mercury News columnist John Murrell talks about it in his Minister of Information column.
  • The story is mentioned in the March issue of Playboy, in their "Playboy After Hours" section.
  • The NY Times runs an article about Gore's use of humor in his speeches.

  • TopFive editor Chris White is interviewed on the syndicated radio show "Online Tonight with host David Lawrence."

  • The story appears on the website.

  • The San Jose Mercury News also ran an article.
  • The Daily Show gets into the act, with host Jon Stewart doing a bit on the VP's use of our songs.

  • FoxNews columnist Barbara Fischkin calls our list "indefensibly stupid"!
  • The NY Times runs another story, this time highlighting TopFive's involvement.

  • The story appears in the San Jose Mercury News, the Charleston Post and Courier, and the South China Morning Post (!)

  • Chris is interviewed on the BBC's "Up All Night" program.

  • On FoxNews TV's "Special Report with Brit Hume", Hume reads off his 4 favorite items from the list, and gives TopFive and its writers a nice little plug -- including showing our logo on-screen.

  • columnist Ann Compton does a segment on the story, which appears on their website in both text and video versions.
  • Chris is interviewed on's PoliticsOnly! show.
  • Bay Area talk show host Ronn Owens dicusses the story during his show.
  • A story appears on the Scripps Wire Service, in which writer Martin Schram coins the term "Sheckygate" to describe Mr. Gore's unattributed use of TopFive material.
  • TopFive contributor John Treusch, the author of the "Mamas, Don't Let Your Ungrateful Sons..." list item, is interviewed on FoxNews TV's "Beyond the News" program.
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