Chris White Chris White is the man responsible for all this madness. If you're staring intently at his picture, that means you're:

A) a right-wing wacko who wonders why TopFive continually makes fun of our illustrious president;

B) a left-wing wacko who wonders why TopFive still makes fun of our previous illustrious president;

C) a lonely supermodel in search of the kind of physical release that only Internet humor giants can provide.

In a parallel universe, Chris is originally from the small hamlet of Sugar Land on the outskirts of Houston and now lives in Los Angeles, where he's the only aspiring screenwriter in the entire city. His hobbies include smuggling pasta, chillin' with a 40 while listening to his vast collection of Latvian rap CDs, breeding diamonds and drawing 1-dimensional art.

You can reach Chris here.

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