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December 13, 1999

In Missouri, a court ordered that the Ku Klux Klan
should be allowed to participate in the state's
Adopt-A-Highway program, in which various community
groups occasionally clean up litter along designated
one-mile stretches of highway, in return for a sign
being posted identifying them as the sponsor.
Officials discovered, however, that no sooner do
the Klan signs go up than some rascals take them down.

And with no sign, how do you know if you're on a Klan highway?

We thought you might ask...

The Top 13 Signs You're On a Klan-Adopted Highway

    1. Signs say, "Clean Sheets -- Next Exit"

    2. No roadkill in sight -- but the Triple K Diner's Monday special is "Highway Surprise."

    3. IQ- and Speed-limits are identical: 55

    4. Every hundred feet, another Clorox Bleach billboard.

    5. "Soft Shoulder" signs always followed by "Bone-Hard Head" signs.

    6. Each mileage marker gives distance to Alabama state line.

    7. Road sign says, "Now entering 19th Century"

    8. At every exit, another damn Denny's.

    9. Hand-lettered signs read, "GRAND WIZERD EXRESWAIY"

    10. Accidentally hit a black bear? Get a good Samaritan award!

    11. Dorky Day-Glo orange pointy hardhats on roadside workers.

    12. David Duke personally welcomes you at the toll both.

      and the Number 1 Sign You're On a Klan-Adopted Highway...

    13. Sign reads, "No Oprah for next 200 miles"

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