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December 10, 1999

The Top 13 Upcoming NASA Projects

    1. Point Hubbell Space telescope towards Los Angeles and help O.J. find the real killers

    2. Remake "Heaven's Gate"

    3. Find Planet Ass with both hands

    4. Pull up alongside orbiting MIR space station and aggressively rev engines

    5. Two words: IPO

    6. Keep hot side hot, cold side cold

    7. Project Scapegoat Locator

    8. Debunk that whole "cow jumped over the moon" business

    9. $3 million dollar probe to locate all the missing Frisbees on the neighbor's roof

    10. "Project Weasel" -- quantitative study of number of M-80s required to blow up Jesse Helms's mailbox

    11. Bi-pedal locomotion concurrent with chewing gum mastication

    12. Seek signs of intelligent life -- on Mars lander project team

      and the Number 1 Upcoming NASA Project...

    13. Operation Contact Tom Hanks And Ask Him To Make Another Movie Glorifying The Space Program Before The Public Backlash From Recent Failures Gets Out of Hand

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Today's Top Five List authors were:

  • Curt Cutting, Santa Monica, CA -- 1 (4th #1)
  • Glenn Marcus, Washington, DC -- 2 Email
  • Tim McKemy, Chandler, AZ -- 3 Email
  • Lev L. Spiro, Los Angeles, CA -- 4, HM list name Email / Hall of Famer
  • Carla Brandon, San Diego, CA -- 5 Email
  • Jim Key, Garland, TX -- 6, 9
  • Jeff Johnson, Cupertino, CA -- 7 Email
  • David Hyatt, New York, NY -- 8 Email / Website
  • Andrew Thomas, Omaha, NE -- 9
  • Bill Muse, Seattle, WA -- 10 Email / Hall of Famer
  • Jeff Downey, Raleigh, NC -- 11 Email / Hall of Famer
  • Greg Sadosuk, Fairfax, VA -- 11 Email
  • Paul Schindler, Orinda, CA -- 11 Email / Website
  • Martell Stroup, Boston, MA -- 11 Email
  • Jeffrey Anbinder, Ithaca, NY -- 12 Email / Website
  • Scott Sistek, Seattle, WA -- 13 Email
  • Mark Schmidt, Amsterdam, Holland -- Topic Email
  • Tristan Fabriani, Passaic, NJ -- Topic Email
  • Ann Rosenfeld, Austin, TX -- Banner Tag
  • Jeff Rabinowitz, Denver, CO -- Runner Up list name Email
  • Jeffrey Anbinder, Ithaca, NY -- List moderator
  • Chris White, New York, NY -- List owner/editor Hall of Famer
  • David Bowie, Brixton, England -- Ambience     (explanation)

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