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Certified Filthy! lists

9/27/10 Euphemisms for Pornsurfing While at Work (X-Rated)
9/14/10 Movies About Erectile Dysfunction
10/2/09 Things Chris Thought He Heard During His Colonoscopy
6/27/08 Phrases You Can't Say on TV
6/4/08 Sex-Themed Reality Series
5/21/08 Classic Rock Songs on the Viagra Singers Set List
2/26/08 "Girls Gone Wild" Competitors
1/30/08 Movies About Online Sex
12/3/07 Signs It's a Porn Actor's First Day
10/23/07 Books About Nudists
10/16/07 Names for Enema Cocktails
9/11/07 Names for a Naughty High School Musical
8/28/07 Barbie Porn Movies
6/4/07 Rejected TV Shows About Sex
2/20/07 X-Rated Movie Re-Makes Starring Britney Spears
1/26/07 X-Rated Justin Timberlake Movies We'd Like to See
10/17/06 Pickup Lines Used in Las Vegas
10/9/06 IM Lines Sent by Mark Foley
9/1/06 Things Overheard in the Life of the Man With Two Penises
6/26/06 Songs Played on the iCarta
6/20/06 Favorite Movies of Peeping Toms
3/28/06 Bad Choices for a Nom de Porn
3/17/06 Songs Played on WHOR
3/9/06 Products You Should Leave on the Supermarket Shelf
1/13/06 Gay Cowboy Movies
11/4/05 Gay Star Trek Quotes
9/28/05 Adult Movies Starring Mike Tyson
9/9/05 Worst Hybrid Ad Campaigns for Erectile Dysfunction Drugs
7/1/05 Horror Movies Involving Virus-Laden Poo
6/1/05 Star Wars Euphemisms for Anal Sex
4/21/05 Names for the Mall Prostitution Store
1/27/05 Signs Your Hooker Has a College Education
10/12/04 Differences Between a Chicken's Neck and a Penis
5/18/04 "Safe Porn" Movies
4/27/04 Signs You're a Slut
3/12/04 Johnnie Cochran Arguments in the Penis-Enlargement Trial
1/27/04 Dishes Containing Condoms
12/1/03 X-Rated Disney Movies
11/5/03 Pickup Lines of the Undead
10/27/03 Quotes From Animal Romance Novels
10/22/03 Dishes Made With Poo (Certified Nausea-Inducing version)
8/25/03 Penis Dishes
6/30/03 Wrigley Viagra Gum Slogans
6/13/03 Worst "Line Extension" Products (Personal Products Division)
6/4/03 Movies About the Man From Nantucket
5/15/03 Pickup Lines Used at the Masturbate-a-Thon
4/10/03 Signs You're Wearing Something Made of Poop
3/19/03 Euphemisms for Losing Your Virginity
2/6/03 X-Rated Sex Game Shows
9/19/02 Sex Toys Derived From Children's Stories
8/28/02 X-Rated Ways to Leave Your Lover
8/9/02 Witty Things to Say to Your Doctor During a Pelvic or Prostate Exam
7/1/02 Menu Items at the Porn Restaurant
5/15/02 Personal Ads to Which You Shouldn't Respond
5/11/02 Things Overheard in Star Wars, Episode II Lines
4/17/02 Porno Sitcom Titles
2/8/02 Porno Titles Based on Recent Movies
1/25/02 Rejected Tag Lines for X-Rated Movies
12/13/01 Items on a Strip Club Menu
11/15/01 Characters in Star Ballz
10/24/01 Signs Your Partner is Moonlighting as a Penis Puppeteer
10/22/01 Names for Drinks Containing Genitalia
8/28/01 Bad Stage Names for Strippers
8/10/01 Dishes Found at a Cannibal Buffet
8/1/01 Pickup Lines Used by Veterinarians
7/30/01 Signs Your Pet is Taking Viagra
7/12/01 Euphemisms for Penis Enlargement Surgery
3/21/01 Signs Your Penis is a Finger
2/13/01 Slogans for National Condom Week
2/4/01 Star Wars Movie Lines Rejected by Censors
11/30/00 Most Popular Courses at Beaver College
10/22/00 Pickup Lines in Prison
9/28/00 Advertising Slogans for Australian Brothels
9/5/00 Signs You're Watching a Bad Porno Movie
8/22/00 Sick & Twisted Fantasy Topics of TopFive Contributors
7/27/00 X-Rated Movies About Sports
6/1/00 Really Lewd Holiday Songs
4/3/00 Really Tacky Euphemisms for "Getting Your Period"
2/28/00 X-Rated Microbrews
2/14/00 X-Rated Super-Seduction Valentine's Cards
2/14/00 X-Rated Valentine's Cards for Ex-Valentines
1/30/00 X-Rated Pokemon Names
11/8/99 Things That Won't Fit in a Crocodile's Ass
10/21/99 Movies About Bestiality
5/29/98 Things Uttered by Yoda While Making Love
2/3/98 X-Rated Movies Based on the Monica Lewinsky Scandal
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