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December, 1998

December 1

Chinese Translations of English Movie Titles (* Re-Run *)

December 2

Signs Your Newspaper Isn't Telling the Truth

December 3

Least Popular Rap Songs

December 4

Most Popular Rap Songs

December 7

Other Retractions Printed by the NY Times in 1998

December 8

Things Overheard In Santa's Toyshop

December 9

Signs You're Caught Up in the Holiday Shopping Frenzy

December 10

Signs You've Got Furbymania

December 11

Surprises in "You've Got Mail"

               Top5 Celebrity Week begins!

December 14

Bad Things About Having Your Life Broadcast on the Internet

December 15

Christian Coalition-Approved Nicknames for Breasts

December 16

Signs Your Neighbor is an ex-MTV VJ

December 17

Side Effects of a Life in Comedy

December 18

Porn Goddess Pet Peeves

December 21

Problems With Rock Stars These Days

December 22

Other Signs Santa Claus is a Woman

               End of Celebrity Week

December 23

New Slogans for the Democratic Party

December 24

New Slogans for the Republican Party

No lists from December 25 - December 31

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