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December, 2005

This month we're featuring classic holiday lists from previous years.

December 1

Atheist Holiday Songs

December 2

Disclaimers Found on Toy Boxes (Part I)

December 5

Disclaimers Found on Toy Boxes (Part II)

December 6

Items on the Gift Lists of Pets

December 7

Things Overheard at the Office Holiday Party

December 8

Complaints of Mrs. Santa Claus

December 9

Rejected Names for Holiday TV Specials

December 12

Things on Santa's To-Do List

December 13

Least Popular Holiday Movies

December 14

Things Overheard During a Redneck Holiday Season

December 15

Things on Bad Santa's To-Do List (new list!)

December 16

Signs Someone's Overly Excited About the Holiday Season

December 19

Elf Pet Peeves (Part I)

December 20

Elf Pet Peeves (Part II)

December 21

Excerpts From Badly Written Holiday Stories

December 22

Homeland Security Christmas Cards

December 23

Signs Santa is Sick of Christmas (Part I)

December 26

Signs Santa Is Sick of Christmas (Part II)

December 27

No list today.

December 28

Hip Hop Holiday Songs

December 29

Euphemisms for Holiday Overeating

December 30

Things Overheard at Office Holiday Parties

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