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December, 2002

December 2

Signs the Pirated DVD You Bought Is a Fake

December 3

Least Popular Beatles Collectibles

December 4

Lines Edited Out of Dr. Seuss Books

December 5

Things Overheard During a Redneck Holiday Season

December 6

Signs Someone's Overly Excited About the Holiday Season

December 9

Favorite Movies of Supermodels

December 10

Cruise Line Marketing Slogans

December 11

Elf Pet Peeves (Part I)

December 12

Elf Pet Peeves (PartI I)

December 13

Signs You Don't Take Rejection Well

December 16

Excerpts from Badly Written Holiday Stories

December 17

Pairs of Words That Should Never Appear in the Same Sentence

December 18

Signs Santa is Sick of Christmas (Part I)

December 19

Signs Santa is Sick of Christmas (Part II)

December 20

Homeland Security Christmas Cards

Dec. 21-31

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