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December, 2001

December 3

Amish Horror Movies

December 4

New Names for Large Corporations

December 5

Ways to Celebrate Walt Disney's 100th Birthday

December 6

Signs the Internet is Getting Full

December 7

Worst Toys This Holiday Season (Part I)

December 10

Worst Toys This Holiday Season (Part II)

December 11

Upcoming Movies Starring Dead Actors

December 12

Features of the Snoop Caddy

December 13

Marketing Slogans for the Segway Human Transporter

December 13

Items on a Strip Club Menu (X-rated!)

December 14

Strom Thurmond Pickup Lines

December 17

Things on Santa's To-Do List

December 18

Songs About Osama bin Laden

December 19

Holiday Alertness Tips

December 20

Signs Your Boss is Really Stupid

December 21

Least Popular Holiday Movies

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