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November, 1999

November 1

Signs You're Having Trouble Adjusting to College

November 2

Cartoon Character Pick-Up Lines

November 3

Signs Bill Gates is Having a Mid-life Crisis

November 4

New Euphemisms for "Stupid"

November 5

Signs a Presidential Candidate is a Top 5 List Fan

November 8

Things on Bill Gates's To-Do List

November 9

Reasons Americans are Overweight

November 10

Signs Your Ex is Dating a Convict

November 11

Upcoming Thanksgiving-Themed Movies

November 11

Signs You're on a Date with Mahir

November 12

Rejected Pokémon Names

November 15

Signs You've Hired the Wrong Housekeeper

November 16

Ways the New James Bond Movie is More PC

November 17

Things Overheard at Medieval Medical School

November 18

Cool New Gadgets Used by James Bond

November 19

Speech Lines Written by Us, Top5, for You, Al Gore

November 22

New Slogans for Fast Food Restaurants

November 23

Bad Things About Being A Headless Horseman

November 24

Things Overheard at the White House Thanksgiving Dinner

November 28

Native American Names for Celebrities

November 29

Signs Your Father is a Pimp

November 30

Signs Your Mother is a Prostitute

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