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November, 2007

November 1

Things Heard at the Delivery of the 17-Pound Baby (Part I)

November 2

Things Heard at the Delivery of the 17-Pound Baby (Part II)

November 5

Reasons to Excommunicate Nuns

November 6

Big Secrets of Harry Potter Characters

November 7

Signs Your Dog Is a Fascist (re-run)

November 8

Reasons a British Super Bowl Is a Bad Idea

November 9

Other Surprises in Matt Barrett's Presentation

November 12

Updated Answers to "Where Do Babies Come From?"

November 13

Signs You've Become Too Involved With an Appliance

November 14

Silent Reflections of High School Students

November 15

Surprises in the Royal Family Blackmail Video

November 16

Causes of California's Enormous Wildfires

November 19

Chuck Norris Campaign Suggestions

November 20

Thanksgiving Carols

November 21

no list today

November 22

Least-Loved Thanksgiving Dishes

November 26

no list today

November 27

Little-Known Uses for Leftover Thanksgiving Food

November 28

Failed Celebrity Restaurants

November 29

no list today

November 30

Differences If Celebrities Stalked Fans

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