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November, 2004

November 1

Shots Fired During the Presidential Race

November 2

Things Overheard at Polling Places Today

November 3

Things to Expect During a Second Bush Term

November 4

Election-Related Headlines

November 5

Signs the Left Is Unhappy With the Election Results

November 8-12

Out of the office.

November 15

Things We Would Have Seen Under a Kerry Administration

November 16

Signs Gas Is Too Damn Expensive

November 17

Reasons We're Not Watching the Miss America Pageant

November 18

Differences Between BooKs and BooBs (Part I)

November 19

Differences Between BooKs and BooBs (Part II)

November 22

Terrorist Perfumes

November 23

Homeland Security Measures Adopted for the Holiday Season

November 24

Clever Turkey Thanksgiving Quips

November 25-26

Holiday -- no lists

November 29

Lesser-Known Food Miracles

November 30

Names for Roller Derby Chicks (Part I)

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