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November, 2001

November 1

Changes in New York Since Mayor Giuliani Was Knighted

November 2

Attractions at the New Elian Gonzalez Museum

November 3

No list today

November 6

Grocery Store Pick-Up Lines

November 7

Signs Your Co-Worker Takes Science Fiction WAY Too Seriously

November 8

Biblical Passages We, Like, Totally Made Up

November 9

Rejected Slogans for Microsoft Windows XP

November 12

Signs the U.S. Economy is in a Recession

November 13

Signs a Judge is on Drugs (Part I)

November 14

Signs a Judge is on Drugs (Part II)

November 15

Signs Osama bin Laden is Nuttier Than a Fruitcake (Part I)

November 16

Signs Osama bin Laden is Nuttier Than a Fruitcake (Part II)

November 19

Things a *Real* 12 Year Old Wizard Would Do

November 20

Rejected Wrestling Moves

November 21

Airport Security Pick-Up Lines

November 22

Holiday -- no list today

November 23

Holiday -- no list today

November 26

Differences if Your Company Were Run by Strippers

November 27

Signs Hollywood Has Run a Sequel Into the Ground

November 28

Excuses Given for Corporate Layoffs

November 28

Medieval Superheroes

November 29

Rejected Slogans for The Altria Group

November 30

Cool New Features in AOL 7.0

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