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November, 2000

November 1

Cool Features of the Sony PlayStation 2

November 2

Signs a Candidate Desperately Wants Your Vote

November 3

Differences Under President Woody Harrelson

November 6

Signs Someone Has Cast a Spell On You

November 7

Reasons to Vote for Patrick Buchanan for President

November 8

Euphemisms for Being Pregnant

November 9

Florida Excuses for Holding Up the Election

November 10

Better Methods of Choosing a New President

November 13

Signs You're Addicted to Viagra

November 14

Indications You're Dating a Gadget Geek

November 15

Differences if the Election Were Run by Dogs

November 16

Rejected Names for Sport Utility Vehicles

November 17

Johnnie Cochran Comments on the Presidential Election

November 20

Problems With Holding an Election in Hell (Part I)

November 21

Problems With Holding an Election in Hell (Part II)

November 22

Cruel and Unusual Forms of Capital Punishment

November 23

Holiday -- no list.

November 24

Holiday -- no list.

November 27

Things Commonly Overheard at Thanksgiving Dinner

November 28

Movies About the 2000 U.S. Election

November 29

Items on Mr. Roger's To-Do List

November 30

Most Popular Courses at Beaver College (R-rated)

November 30

Most Popular Courses at Beaver College (X-rated)

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