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October, 1998

October 1

Ways the British Royal Family Can Modernize the Monarchy

October 2

Signs That Evil Forces are Out to Get You

October 5

Signs Your Hollywood Career is Over(Part I)

October 6

Signs Your Hollywood Career is Over(Part II)

October 7

Sports Phrases Used During the Sex Championships

October 8

Worst Blues Singer Names

October 9

Better Titles for the New "Star Wars" Movie

October 10

Worst Blues Singer Names Having to Do With Physical Maladies

October 12

Rejected Planet Hollywood Appetizers

October 13

Signs You've Joined the Wrong Martial Arts School (Part I)

October 14

Signs You've Joined the Wrong Martial Arts School (Part II)

October 15

Differences Between the New $20 Bill and the Old $20 Bill

October 16

Hidden Items in the New U.S. Budget

October 19

Signs You Watch Too Much TV

October 20

Signs You Won't be Named Homecoming King or Queen

October 21

Acronyms Least Used In Personals Ads

October 22

Conditions of Mike Tyson's Reinstatement

October 23

Surprises During John Glenn's Space Mission

October 26

Terms of the New Mideast Peace Deal

October 27

Reasons You Lost the World Series

October 28

Ways To Annoy A Trekkie

October 29

Worst Rollercoaster Names

October 30

Reasons You Won't Win the Halloween Costume Contest (Part I)

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