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October, 2005

October 3

Signs You're Playing Too Much Poker

October 4

Surprises on the Rolling Stones Tour

October 5

Professional Ways to Say, "I Have a Headache"

October 6

Signs Your Coworker Didn't Strictly Observe the Jewish Holiday (re-run)

October 7

Stories in the Flying Spaghetti Monster Bible

October 10

Better Taco Bell Slogans

October 11

Signs the Umpire Is Losing It (re-run)

October 12

Reasons Your Home Office Is Not Working Out

October 13

ways to celebrate e.e. cummings' birthday (re-run)

October 14

Signs It Is Tom Cruise's Child

October 14

Signs It's Not Tom Cruise's Child

October 17

Things Not to Do While Drinking (Part I)

October 18

Freudian Pick-Up Lines (re-run)

October 19

Things Not to Do While Drinking (Part II)

October 20

Signs You Suffer From Road Rage (re-run)

October 21

Blond 007 Moments

October 24

Prison Ice Cream Flavors

October 25

Complaints of Modern Day Werewolves (re-run)

October 26

Signs Country Music Has Jumped the Shark

October 27

Least Scary Halloween Costumes (re-run)

October 28

Signs Your Halloween Party Isn't Going Well

October 31

Celebrity Halloween Treats

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