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October, 2002

October 1

Pieces of Creepy Wedding Advice

October 2

Books Banned from Public Schools (Part I)

October 3

Books Banned from Public Schools (Part II)

October 4

Euphemisms for Putting Your Parents in a Nursing Home

October 7

Worst Fortune Cookie Messages to Which to
Append the Words "In Bed"

October 8

Least-Loved Smurfs (Part I)

October 9

Least-Loved Smurfs (Part II)

October 10

Headlines on Hip-Hop CNN

October 11

Worst-Selling Bumper Stickers

October 14

Least Convincing Reasons to Start a War

October 15

Signs You've Purchased the Wrong Robot Maid

October 16

Worst Things to Say to a One-Night Stand the Next Morning

October 17

Signs You're About to Be Fired

October 18

Exhibits in the Museum of Sex

October 21

Code Names for the Invasion of Iraq

October 22

Campaign Slogans for a Blue Candidate

October 23

Reasons Married People Are Happier than Single People

October 24

Good Things About Being a Virgin

October 25

Least Popular Fitness Classes

October 28

Least-Loved Peanuts TV Specials (Part I)

October 29

Least-Loved Peanuts TV Specials (Part II)

October 30

Future Quotes from Grandparents

October 31

News Headlines Involving Monsters or Demons

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