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October, 2000

October 2

Bill Gates Penny-Pinching Tips

October 3

Signs Your Pet is an Alien from Space

October 4

Signs Your Debate is Not Going Well

October 5

Super Powers of Celebrities

October 6

Names for Wal-Mart Wine

October 9

Science Fiction Geek Pickup Lines

October 10

Unknown Hazards Aboard Space Stations

October 11

Reasons To Be Afraid Of Your Roommate

October 12

Signs Someone Exaggerates Their Political Accomplishments

October 13

Superstitions of Dumb People

October 16

Complaints of Animal Office Workers

October 17

Things Heard at a Magic Convention

October 18

Signs Your High School Football Coach is Nuts

October 19

Celebrity Answering Machine Greetings

October 20

Euphemisms For Premature Ejaculation

October 23

Pickup Lines in Prison (R-rated)

October 23

Pickup Lines in Prison (X-rated)

October 24

Rejected Adventure Movie Tag Lines

October 25

Least Useful Skills for Impressing Women

October 26

Least Useful Skills for Impressing Men

October 27

Campaign Promises We'd Like to Hear

October 30

Rejected Titles for Horror Movies

October 31

Dumbest Halloween "Tricks"

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