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September, 1999

September 1

Signs Someone's Been Using Your Hotmail Account

September 2

New Marketing Slogans for Hell   (Part I)

September 3

New Marketing Slogans for Hell   (Part II)

September 6

No list today.

September 7

Differences if Nobody had Invented the Wheel

September 8

Bad Romance Novel Metaphors or Similes

September 9

Signs You Won't Win an MTV Video Award

September 10

Signs Your Football Team Won't Get to the Super Bowl

September 13

Signs You're About to Board an Unsafe Amusement Park Ride

September 14

Rejected Slogans Promoting Abstinence

September 15

Signs Your Cat is Overweight ( *Re-run* )

September 16

Overrated Things About Being a Rock Star

September 17

Signs Your Body Piercing Fetish Has Gone Too Far

September 20

Signs You Bought a Crappy Home Security System

September 21

Rejected Motel 6 Slogans ( *Re-run* )

September 22

Demands of the Cartoon Characters Union

September 23

Reasons to Recommend Top5 to a Friend

September 24

Pick-Up Lines Used by Prince Harry

September 27

Signs You've Boarded A Bad Cruise Ship

September 28

Things on Dan Quayle's To-Do List

September 29

Worst Things About Autumn

September 30

Signs Your Kid has a Pokemon Card Gambling Problem

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