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September, 2004

September 1

Rejected Titles for the New Star Wars Film (Part II)

September 2

Excuses for Being Drunk, Naked and Covered With Nacho Cheese

September 3

Things Overheard at the Republican National Convention

September 6

Holiday -- no list today.

September 7

Signs You're Being Rescued by David Lee Roth

September 8

Famous Movie Quotes as *Remembered* by President Bush

September 8

Famous Movie Quotes as *Spoken* by President Bush

September 9

Interesting Celebrity Anagrams (Part I)

September 10

Interesting Celebrity Anagrams (Part II)

September 13

Signs the Department of Homeland Security Is Getting Outdated Information

September 14

Amish Comedian Punchlines

September 15

Things Overheard at the Burning Man Festival

September 16

Movies Starring Monkeys (Part I)

September 17

Movies Starring Monkeys (Part II)

September 20

Fake Urine Products

September 21

Hurricane-Name Combinations

September 22

Shows in the Terrorist TV Network's New Fall Lineup

September 23

Signs Your Truck Is TOO DAMN BIG (Part I)

September 24

Signs Your Truck Is TOO DAMN BIG (Part II)

September 27

Truth-in-Advertising Names of Personal Care Products

September 28

Signs a Jury Is High

September 29

Features of Hooters Hotel and Casino

September 30

Reasons to Shop for a Casket at Costco (Part I)

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