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September, 2003

September 1

Labor Day holiday

September 2

Cruz Bustamante Campaign Slogans

September 3

Things Observed at Harley-Davidson's 100th Anniversary Bash

September 4

Signs Your History Teacher Isn't Very Qualified

September 5

Desperate Tourism Slogans

September 8

Macho Ways to Express a Break-up

September 9

Signs Your Wedding Day Isn't Going Well (Part I)

September 10

Signs Your Wedding Day Isn't Going Well (Part II)

September 11

Rejected McDonald's Slogans

September 12

Surprises in the Arnold Oui Interview

September 15

Board Games for Rappers

September 16

English Pop Songs Mistakenly Banned in Thailand

September 17

Signs Your Team Is Sponsored by a Brothel (Part I)

September 18

Signs Your Team Is Sponsored by a Brothel (Part II)

September 19

Things to Say at Work on Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 22

Signs Your Favorite Baseball Team Has Given Up

September 23

Celebrity-Written Books Whose Titles Would Invite Lawsuits

September 24

Alternate Taglines for Anna Kournikova's New Sports Bra

September 25

Other Teen Bumper Stickers

September 26

Rejected Fall TV Shows

September 29

Signs Your Classmate Is a Stripper

September 30

Ben & Jenny's Ice Cream Flavors

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