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September, 2002

September 3

Things Overheard at Britney Spears's New Restaurant

September 4

Signs Star Trek Characters Are Backing a Politician

September 5

Changes to the New Bionic Woman

September 6

Ironic Corporate Demises

September 9

Rules of Cyber-Romance

September 10

Things Your Pet Is Thinking

September 11

No list today.

September 12

Reasons You Weren't Picked as an American Idol Finalist

September 13

A Tribute to Don Swain

September 16

Politically Corrected Album Titles

September 17

Signs Football Season Has Arrived

September 18

Signs You Bought a Bad SUV

September 19

Sex Toys Derived From Children's Stories

September 20

Slogans for the New Traficant Campaign

September 23

Ways to Tell Someone They Have a Hygiene Problem

September 24

Poor Choices for Names of Celebrity Pets

September 25

Signs a Sports Announcer is Drunk

September 26

Rejected Party Games

September 27

Songs About Fruits or Vegetables

September 30

Rejected Ben and Jerry's Flavors Named for Musicians

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