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September, 2001

September 3

Holiday -- no list today

September 4

Sex Lessons We Can Learn From Movies

September 5

Rejected Hurricane Names Redux

September 6

Upcoming Changes to the Miss America Pageant

September 7

Names of Products Competing with Viagra

September 10

Reasons the Website Was Down

September 11

No list today

September 12

No list today

September 13

Things Overheard at the MTV Video Music Awards

September 14

Excerpts from a Romance Novel Written by a Science Fiction Writer

September 17

Signs Your Co-Worker is From Another Planet

September 18

Shark Attack Prevention Strategies

September 19

Signs a Politician Has Psychic Powers

September 20

Movies Featuring Smell-O-Vision

September 21

Marketing Slogans for Dung-Flavored Beer

September 24

Surprises in the Fall Movie Season

September 25

Signs New York City Has "Rudy Mania"

September 26

Chapters in "NASCAR for Dummies"

September 27

Surprises in Enterprise, the New Star Trek Series

September 28

Signs It's Time to Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

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