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August, 1999

August 2

Baseball Umpire Complaints

August 3

Signs It's WAY Too Hot (Part I)

August 4

Signs It's WAY Too Hot (Part II)

August 5

Signs Your Significant Other is a Day Trader

August 6

Rejected Superheroes

August 9

Least Popular Summer Movies

August 10

Signs You've Invested in a Bad Internet Company

August 11

Signs Your Pet is Depressed

August 12

Personalized License Plates of Celebrities

August 13

Reasons Not to Spend Your Wedding Night on the Front Row at a Bruce Springsteen Concert

August 16

Differences if Animals Played Professional Sports

August 17

Slogans for the New Millennium

August 18

Signs Your Presidential Campaign Has Too Much Money

August 19

Little Known Items in the "Marlboro Miles" Catalog

August 20

Signs Your TV Weather Person Is Losing It

August 23

Least Popular Attractions At Disneyland

August 24

No list today.

August 25

No list today.

August 26

Theories Developed by Carl Sagan While Stoned

August 27

Additions to "Life's Little Instruction Book"

August 30

Menu Items at the WWF Theme Restaurant

August 31

Signs This School Year is Going to Suck

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