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August, 2007

August 1

Cities Named by Potheads (re-run)

August 2

Indications an Astronaut Is Drunk (Part I)

August 3

Indications an Astronaut Is Drunk (Part II)

August 6

Poor Responses to the Question "Are You Seeing Someone Else?"

August 7

Possibly Dangerous Toys

August 8

Signs Someone You Know Has Pirate Fever (re-run)

August 9

Signs a Survival Expert Is Faking It

August 10

Indications a Referee Is Crooked

August 13

Things We're Happy About

August 14

Things on Karl Rove's To-Do List

August 15

Things We Wish We Had Never Said (Part I)

August 15

Things We Wish We Had Never Said (Part II)

August 16

Proposed Product Renamings

August 17

Songs Van Halen *Should* Play

August 20

Signs the Fans Hate You

August 21

Historical Spam Subject Lines

August 22

Songs on Michael Vick's iPod

August 23

Bill Murray Excuses

August 24

Things a Parent With Two Dozen Kids Might Say

August 27

Reasons Los Angeles Still Has No Professional Football Team

August 28

Barbie Porn Movies (R-Rated)

August 28

Barbie Porn Movies (X-Rated)

August 29

Desperate Tourism Slogans (re-run)

August 30

Revised Movie Quotes Used in Advertisements

August 31

Democrat Election '08 Bumper Stickers

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