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August, 2005

August 1

Side Effects of the Heat Wave (Part I)

August 2

Side Effects of the Heat Wave (Part II)

August 3

Interesting Mashups

August 4

Brady Bunch Secrets (re-run)

August 5

New Endings to the Phrase "It's all fun and games until...."

August 8

Signs Your Baby Hates You

August 9

Dishes Prepared With Household Pets (re-run)

August 10

Signs Your New S.O. Is Not Really a Celebrity

August 11

Modern Latin Phrases (re-run)

August 12

Bad Lines for Your Parents' Day Speech

August 15

IMs We'd Rather Not Receive

August 16

Signs You're Being Stalked by Martha Stewart (re-run)

August 17

Favorite Songs of the Bush Administration

August 18

Rejected Star Wars Marketing Tie-ins (re-run)

August 19

Things You Don't Want to Hear at an Amusement Park

August 22

Ways TopFive Has Changed Over the Years

August 23

Ways Your Life Would Change If Your Tongue Were Two Feet Long

August 24

Rejected August Holidays

August 25

Side-Effects of the Female-Orgasm Pill (re-run)

August 26

Established Scientific Concepts as Reinterpreted by Creation Scientists

August 29

Ill-Advised Movie Prequels (Part I)

August 30

Ill-Advised Movie Prequels (Part II)

August 31

Least-Loved Norman Rockwell Paintings (re-run)

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