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August, 2003

August 1-3

on hiatus

August 4

Things Overheard at a Naked Biker Rally

August 5

Signs Larry King Has Lost His Mind

August 6

Questions Asked by Someone Who Just Awoke From a 19-Year Coma

August 7

Historical Spam Subject Lines

August 8

Movie Quotes Translated to Haiku (Part I)

August 11

Movie Quotes Translated to Haiku (Part II)

August 12

Things Heard on Straight Eye for the Queer Guy

August 13

Signs You're Drinking a Chick Beer

August 14

Snippets of Bad Film Noir Dialogue (Part I)

August 15

Snippets of Bad Film Noir Dialogue (Part II)

August 18

Things Overheard in New York City During the Blackout

August 19

Rejected Flash Mob Events

August 20

Things You'll Never Say a Second Time

August 21-22

out of commission -- technical difficulties

August 25

Penis Dishes (X-rated version)

August 25

Penis Dishes (R-rated version)

August 26

Arnold Schwarzenegger/Gary Coleman Campaign Slogans

August 27

Angelyne/Mary Carey Campaign Slogans

August 28

Gallagher/Larry Flynt Campaign Slogans

August 29

Peter Ueberroth/Arianna Huffington/Mathilda Spak Campaign Slogans

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