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July, 1999

July 1

Internet Commandments

July 2

Signs Your Town's Mayor has Mob Connections

July 6

Reasons Dogs Don't Use Computers ( *Re-Run* )

July 7

Signs You Won't Be Chosen as Roger Ebert's New Partner

July 8

Signs You're *Not* Living La Vida Loca

July 9

Signs of Special Treatment in the Military

July 12

Things Overheard at the Women's World Cup Finals

July 13

Hidden Hospital Bill Charges

July 14

Ways to Celebrate Bastille Day

July 15

Signs Your Mate is Cheating on You ( *Re-Run* )

July 16

Reasons the U.S. Men's Soccer Team Will Never Win the World Cup

               Top5 Celebrity Week begins!

July 19

Signs You've Been Misled by a Health Myth

July 20

Pentagon Project Ice Cream Names

July 21

Fringe Benefits of Being a Cog in the Corporate Machine

July 22

Least Popular FOX-TV Reality Shows (TV Barn's version)

July 22

Least Popular FOX-TV Reality Shows (Top5's version)

July 23

Signs Your Neighbor Believes Everything He Reads (Part I)

July 23

Signs Your Neighbor Believes Everything He Reads (Part II)

July 26

Signs Your Local Police Academy Sucks

July 27

Differences Between Woodstock '69 and Woodstock '99

July 28

Other Magic Animals (Besides Puff, the Magic Dragon)

July 29

Pick-Up Lines Used in the Astro Lounge

July 30

Signs You're Not the "Bad Boy" of the Tennis Tour

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