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July, 2007

July 2

Surprise Features of the iPhone (Part I)

July 3

Surprise Features of the iPhone (Part II)

July 4

holiday -- no list

July 5

Hollywood Euphemisms for "Pregnant"

July 6

Signs Your Sci-Fi Blockbuster Is Going to Bomb

July 9

Songs Heard at Live Earth

July 10

Pink Slip Text Messages (re-run)

July 11

Differences in Naked Sports (re-run)

July 12

New Jobs in the Harry Potter Universe

July 13

Newly Discovered Talents of Kim Peek, the Rain Man

July 16

Signs You're Having a Lousy Summer

July 17

Guesses at the Last Line of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (Part I)

July 19

Guesses at the Last Line of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (Part II)

July 20

Songs in the Movie "Hairspray"

July 23

Ways Chris Is Feeling His Mortality

July 24

Job-Hunting Tips

July 25

Fish Dirty Movie Titles (re-run)

July 26

Signs of Progress in Iraq

July 27

Names of One-Hour Boob Job Stores

July 30

Bad Icebreaker Lines

July 31

Signs Imported Goods Aren't Up to Snuff

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