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June, 1999

June 1

Signs You've Hired The Wrong Marriage Counselor

June 2

Little Known U.S. Government Departments

June 3

Surprises in Jesse Ventura's Autobiography

June 4

Surprises on the Bob Dylan/Paul Simon Summer Tour

June 7

Moving to a new server

June 8

Still moving to a new server!

June 9

Potential Problems in Moving Top5 to a New Server

June 10

Signs You're Watching a Low-Budget Movie

June 11

Euphemisms for Impotence

June 14

Worst Words of Advice in a Commencement Speech (Part I)

June 15

Worst Words of Advice in a Commencement Speech (Part II)

June 16

Star Trek Euphemisms for Death

June 17

NATO Excuses for Bombing the Wrong Place

June 18

Little Known Fairy-Tales

June 21

Creative Ways to Advertise Cigarettes

June 22

Signs Jerry Falwell's Summer Demonizing Tour Has Begun

June 23

Rejected Las Vegas Hotel Themes

June 24

Worst Ideas For TV Summer Replacement Series

June 25

Surprises in Disney's New Tarzan Movie

June 28

Cool Things About a Car that Goes Faster than the Speed of Light ( *Re-Run* )

June 29

Rejected Names for Military Campaigns

June 30

Signs You Live Too Close to the Bermuda Triangle

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