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June, 2008

June 2

Signs You're in Ron Paulville

June 3

Sex-Themed Reality Series (R-rated)

June 4

Sex-Themed Reality Series (X-rated)

June 5

Bizarre Moments in the "Sex and the City" Movie

June 6

Least-Loved Mystery Novels (Part I)

June 9

Least-Loved Mystery Novels (Part II)

June 10

Signs It's Almost Summer

June 11

Dangers of Electric Cars

June 12

Famous Concert Attractions From the Past

June 13

Drug Names We'd Like to See

June 16

Worst-Selling Sharper Image Products (Part I)

June 17

Worst-Selling Sharper Image Products (Part II)

June 18

Signs You've Gotten Enough Rain

June 19

Fitting Burials

June 20

Surprises in Scott McClellan's Book

June 23

Positive Things President Bush Has Done

June 24

Songs on the New Guns N' Roses Album

June 25

Signs You Need a New Car

June 26

Things Overheard at a Hip-Hop Scrabble Tournament (re-run)

June 27

Phrases You Can't Say on TV (X-rated)

June 30

Outsourced Newspaper Headlines From India

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