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June, 2007

June 1

Celebrity Scandals We'd Like to See

June 4

Rejected TV Shows About Sex (X-rated version)

June 4

Rejected TV Shows About Sex (R-rated version)

June 5

Internet Movie Quotes

June 6

Sports Movies We'd Like to See

June 7

Surprising Things Learned in College

June 8

Euphemisms for Getting a Bikini Wax

June 11

Pickup Lines at a Substance Abuse Clinic

June 12

no list today

June 13

Menu Items at the Porn Restaurant (mild version) (re-run)

June 13

Menu Items at the Porn Restaurant (Certified Filthy!) (re-run)

June 14

Worst Opening Lines of a Military Novel

June 15

Lessons Learned From Comic Books

June 18

Things Harry Potter Would Do With a Law Degree

June 19

Names for Britney's Comeback Album

June 20

Signs Your Celebrity Child Isn't Doing Well in Prison

June 21

Things That Don't Ease Your Fear of Flying

June 22

Productive Things to Do With That Third Arm Growing Out of Your Back

June 25

Signs a Presidential Candidate Is an Actor

June 26

Ways to Improve Doctor/Nurse Relations

June 27

Things Heard Backstage at a Recent Paul McCartney Concert

June 28

Summer Replacement TV Series in Hell

June 29

Signs Your Pet Is Addicted to the Internet

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