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June, 2005

June 1

Star Wars Euphemisms for Anal Sex

June 2

Signs Your Cat Is Overweight (re-run)

June 3

Worst Coffee-Table Books

June 6

Signs You're Not Cut Out for Parenthood

June 7

Signs You Read Too Many Comic Books (re-run)

June 8

Phrases Not to Use in First-Date Dinner Conversation (Part I)

June 9

Phrases Not to Use in First-Date Dinner Conversation (Part II)

June 10

Drill Sergeant Pick-Up Lines (re-run)

June 13

Reasons Your Show Didn't Win a Tony

June 14

Things on Michael Jackson's To-Do List

June 15

Attractions at Michael Jackson's Amusement Park in Poland (re-run)

June 16

Ways Michael Jackson Can Repair His Image

June 17

Differences Under President Michael Jackson (re-run)

June 20

Ways to Identify a Hybrid Man

June 21

Dr. Seuss Pick-Up Lines (re-run)

June 22

Signs Tom Cruise Has Gone Nuts

June 23

Signs Your Grandmother May Be a Serial Killer (re-run)

June 24

Changes in the New War of the Worlds

June 27

Rejected Cereal Mascots

June 28

New Year's Resolutions Made by Pets (re-run)

June 29

Euphemisms for Wasting Time

June 30

Cartoon Character Euphemisms for Death (re-run)

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