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June, 2004

June 1

Drawbacks of Face Transplants (Part II)

June 2

Signs a Clown Is Hiding Dark Secrets

June 3

Companies Using Poo-Power

June 4

Signs You Have Too Many Children

June 7

Slogans for MTV Condoms

June 8

Appropriate Ways to Die on the Job

June 9

Chinese Translations of English Movie Titles (Part III)

June 10

Signs You Were Conceived From Old Sperm

June 11

Iraqi Wines

June 14

Ways We Celebrated the Olsen Twins' 18th Birthdays

June 15

Mistakes Made by Dumb Kidnappers

June 16

Things Overheard at the Pearly Gates

June 17

Features of the Queen Mary 2 Running Windows

June 18

Famous Movie Quotes Re-Written as Haiku (Part III)

June 21

Signs You've Hired the Wrong Interior Decorator

June 22

Reasons You Won't Be Participating in the Summer Olympics

June 23

Indications Harry Potter Is Going Through Puberty

June 24

Worst Jobs in Show Business

June 25

Signs You've Had Too Much to Drink

June 28

Signs Your Neighbor Is a Mad Scientist

June 29

Songs From Dracula: The Musical!

June 30

Signs a Co-Worker's Not Really Into Hip-Hop

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