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June, 2002

June 3

Movie Surprises This Year

June 4

Favorite Movies of Animals

June 5

Reasons Your Prom Sucks

June 6

Courses at Evil Overlord University

June 7

Signs You're Not Ready for Marriage

June 10

Ways Queen Elizabeth Celebrated Her Jubilee

June 11

Signs a Summer Blockbuster Is Going to Suck

June 12

Clever Responses When Your Kids Ask Where Babies Come From

June 13

Things You Never Want to Hear Your Lawyer Say (Part I)

June 14

Things You Never Want to Hear Your Lawyer Say (Part II)

June 17

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

June 18

Things We Use the Other 90% of Our Brains For

June 19

Signs Your Neighbor Has a Dirty Bomb

June 20

Problems on the Beach Boys Summer Concert Tour

June 21

Signs It's Time to Get Out of Show Business

June 24

Signs Your Neighbor Has World Cup Fever

June 25

Signs You're Actually Listening to Schmelvis Presley

June 26

Little-Known Rules of Beer Drinking (Part I)

June 27

Little-Known Rules of Beer Drinking (Part II)

June 28

Obscure Collective Nouns

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