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June, 2001

June 1

Items on Timothy McVeigh's To-Do List

June 4

Least Popular Charitable Organizations

June 5

Signs You're Dead

June 6

Oprah Book Club Runners Up

June 7

Secrets of George W. Bush's Sex Life

June 8

Best Uses of a Time Machine

June 11

Signs *You* Are the Weakest Link

June 12

Worst Breakup Excuses

June 13

Clues a Beauty Contestant is Actually a Man

June 14

Tim McVeigh Last Request Ice Cream Flavors

June 15

Signs Your 15 Minutes of Fame are Almost Up

June 18

Things Men Don't Know About Women's Restrooms

June 19

Favorite Movies of Jenna Bush (Part I)

June 20

Favorite Movies of Jenna Bush (Part II)

June 21

Health Complaints of Disney Workers

June 22

More Realistic Senior Class Award Categories

June 25

Other Things McDonald's Hasn't Told You

June 26

Country & Western Horror Movies (Part I)

June 27

Country & Western Horror Movies (Part II)

June 28

Secret Service Code Names for the Bush Twins

June 29

Signs You'll Never Get a Star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

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