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June, 2000

June 1

Lewd Holiday Songs

June 1

Lewd Holiday Songs (X-rated version)

June 2

Rejected Names for Gated Communities

June 5

Courses at Superhero College (Part I)

June 6

No list today

June 7

Courses at Superhero College (Part II)

June 8

Bad Ways to Celebrate World Environment Day

June 9

Things Overheard at the Prostitute Conference

June 12

Signs John Rocker Is Your Stockbroker

June 13

Reasons You're the Least Popular Survivor on Your Desert Island

June 14

Martha Stewart Household Tips for Dumb People

June 15

Arguments in Microsoft's Appeal

June 16

MORE Chinese Translations of English Movie Titles

June 19

Signs You Take Your Children's Sports Too Seriously (Part I)

June 20

Signs You Take Your Children's Sports Too Seriously (Part II)

June 21

Differences Between the Old "Shaft" and the New One

June 22

Other Benefits of Smoking Pot

June 23

Signs Oil Companies are Intentionally Screwing Consumers

June 26

Ways to Tell Someone Their Fly Is Unzipped

June 27

Chapter Titles in "Philosophy for Dummies"

June 28

Tourism Slogans for Sealand

June 29

Prayers of High School Students

June 30

Surprises In The Human Genome Map

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