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May, 1999

May 3

Signs Your Sports Hero Has Stumbled

May 4

Seminar Topics at the Scaled-Down NRA Convention

May 5

Signs a 13-Year-Old is Bidding at Your Auction

May 6

Signs The Term Paper You Bought Won't Get an "A"

May 7

Funniest Responses to Our "NRA Seminar" List

May 10

Differences if All Mothers Were Lawyers

May 11

Things Amy Fisher Will Miss Most About Prison

May 12

Ways to Annoy a Supermodel (*Re-Run*)

May 13

Signs Your Co-Worker Sells Mary Kay Cosmetics

May 14

Things You Will Never Hear Alex Trebek Say

                STAR WARS WEEK:

May 17

Signs You've Been Waiting on Line Too Long For Star Wars Tickets

May 18

Signs You're Not Watching the Real Phantom Menace

May 19

Star Wars Euphemisms for Masturbation

May 20

Things Bill Clinton Would Say if He Were in Star Wars

May 21

Pick-Up Lines Used by Star Wars Fans

May 24

Worst Prom Themes

May 25

Signs Your Dog Has Been Replaced By a Robot Dog

May 26

Good Things About David Duke

May 27

Downsides to Buying Sperm Over the Internet

May 28

Things Uttered by Yoda While Making Love (Clean version)

May 29

Things Uttered by Yoda While Making Love (Filthy version)

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