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May, 2004

May 2

Signs Your Favorite Band Has Lost Something

May 3

Signs You're Pledging the Wrong Sorority or Fraternity (re-run)

May 4

Things Overheard on the White Collar Comedy Tour

May 5

Signs You're in the Wrong Religion (re-run)

May 6

Little Known Phobias (sequel)

May 9

Biggest Surprises Upon Awakening From a 10-Year Coma

May 10

Signs You're at a Bad Renaissance Festival (re-run)

May 11

Things Celebrity Moms Received for Mother's Day

May 12

Signs Your Cat Has a Personality Disorder (re-run)

May 13

Things Overheard in Hitler's Bunker

May 16

Worst Cable Network Reality TV Series

May 17

Signs Alien Civilizations Aren't So Advanced (Part I) (re-run)

May 18

Paris Hilton Pet Peeves (Part I)

May 19

Paris Hilton Pet Peeves (Part II)

May 20

Movie Product Placements You May Not Have Noticed

May 23

Biggest Surprises in the New Star Wars Movie

May 24

Signs Congress Isn't Serious About Cutting Spending (re-run)

May 25

Lesser Known Paths to the Dark Side

May 26

Signs You've Hired the Wrong Clown for Your Child's Party (re-run)

May 27

Differences Between Star Wars and Star Trek

May 30

holiday -- no list

May 31

Michael Jackson Parenting Tips (re-run)

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