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May, 2004

May 3

Signs Your Prom Date Is William Hung

May 4

Ways TopFive Contributors Celebrated National Humor Month

May 5

Tips Donald Trump Has for His New Apprentice

May 6

Signs You Won't Be Giving a Commencement Speech

May 7

Least Successful Fad Diets

May 10

Recent Secret Service Busts

May 11

Signs the Call Center Employee You're Dealing With Is Overseas

May 12

Surprising Facts Found in The Da Vinci Code

May 13

Things You Don't Want to Hear at a Parent-Teacher Conference

May 14

Sorry, no new list today.

May 17

Apology Cards for the Bush Administration to Send to Iraqi Prisoners

May 18

"Safe Porn" Movies (R-rated)

May 18

"Safe Porn" Movies (X-rated)

May 19

Pick-Up Lines Used by News Anchors

May 20

Titles in Cosmo's Spirituality Column

May 21

Signs You're Eating a 25-Year-Old Happy Meal

May 24

Signs You Need Anger-Management Counseling (Part I)

May 25

Signs You Need Anger-Management Counseling (Part II)

May 26

Ways We Can Stick It to the Oil Companies

May 27

Things We Miss the Most About High School

May 28

Drawbacks of Face Transplants (Part I)

May 31

Holiday -- no list today

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