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May, 2003

May 1

Signs the Terrorists Have Already Won

May 2

Least Successful Restaurant Chains

May 5

Things That Can Get a Guy Banned From the Men's Union

May 6

Things That Can Get a Gal Banned From the Women's Union

May 7

Least-Visited Exhibits at the Science Fiction Museum

May 8

Movies We'd Like to See This Summer

May 9

Other Wacky Changes Proposed by PETA

May 12

Concert Lineups We'd Like to See

May 13

Missing Parts of Movie Ad Quotes

May 14

Signs You May Be a Bad Driver

May 15

Pickup Lines Used at the Masturbate-a-Thon (R-rated)

May 15

Pickup Lines Used at the Masturbate-a-Thon (X-rated)

May 16

Programs on Spike TV

May 19

Signs Your Doctor's Degree Is Bogus (Part I)

May 20

Signs Your Doctor's Degree Is Bogus (Part II)

May 21

Things You Seldom Hear Rappers Say

May 22

Differences on a Naked Airline Flight

May 23

Changes if the Matrix Films Were Cast With Other Actors

May 26

Holiday -- no list today.

May 27

Things Overheard at the Cannes Film Festival

May 28

Signs Your Dog Is No Longer Your Best Friend

May 29

Worst Names for Boats

May 30

Signs a Newspaper Reporter Isn't Being Completely Honest

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