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May, 2000

May 1

Signs Your Memorabilia Item is a Fake

May 2

Reasons to Send Elian Back to Cuba

May 3

Reasons to Keep Elian in the USA

May 4

Things Overheard in the Disney/Time-Warner Negotiations

May 5

Possible Reasons Why You're Not Getting Laid

May 8

Adult Videos for Animals

May 9

New State Mottos (Part I)

May 10

New State Mottos (Part II)

May 11

Ways to Tell Your Parents That You're Not Graduating

May 12

Rejected Home Craft Ideas

May 15

Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

May 16

Things on Bobby Knight's To-Do List

May 17

Things We'd Like to Hear George W. Bush Say in a Speech

May 18

Big Surprises in CBS' "Jesus" Mini-Series (mild)

May 18

Big Surprises in CBS' "Jesus" Mini-Series (spicy!)

May 19

Least Popular Summer Sports

May 22

Euphemisms for "Breaking Wind"

May 23

Signs You're Eating Genetically Modified Food

May 24

Things Overheard at the NRA's New Theme Store/Restaurant

May 25

Issues at the Million Dad March

May 26

Signs It's a Bad Year for Movies

May 29

No list -- Memorial day holiday.

May 30

Predictions of the Magic Eight Ball

May 31

Least Popular Summer Festivals

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