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April, 1999

April 1

Things Overheard While Top5 List
Contributors are Having Sex

April 2

Signs You've Hired The Wrong Magician (Part II)

April 5

Signs You're Married to a Liberal

April 6

Don King Pick-Up Lines

April 7

Least Successful Geraldo Rivera Specials

April 8

Liabilities of Having Leonardo DiCaprio's Looks

April 9

Hillary Clinton Campaign Slogans

April 12

International Ways to Leave Your Lover

April 13

Song Titles if the Artists Re-Made Them Today

April 14

Least Popular Mail-Order Catalogs

April 15

Stories in the Country-Western Bible (Part I)

April 16

Stories in the Country-Western Bible (Part II)

April 19

Unpublished Beatles Songs

April 20

Least-Used Kitchen Appliances

April 21

Rejected Names for Deodorants

April 22

Reasons Pamela Anderson Had Her Breast Implants Removed (Part I)

April 23

Reasons Pamela Anderson Had Her Breast Implants Removed (Part II)

April 26

Signs Your Car Needs Washing

April 27

Items on Wayne Gretzky's To-Do List

April 28

Names of Y2K Cults

April 29

Signs Your Presidential Candidate is a Deadhead

April 30

Pregnancy Worries of Xena, Warrior Princess

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