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April, 2008

April 1

The NEW TopFive 2.0 (April Fools!)

April 1

Signs Your Virtual World Account Has Been Hacked

April 2

Signs a TV Show's Cast Has Been Smoking Weed

April 3

Reasons to Spend Two Years on a Toilet (Part I)

April 4

Reasons to Spend Two Years on a Toilet (Part II)

April 7

Things Overheard at a Tech Conference

April 8

*Other* Rejected Children's Books (re-run)

April 9

no list today

April 10

Passages From a Fake Gang Memoir (Part I)

April 11

Passages From a Fake Gang Memoir (Part II)

April 15

Geek Bumper Stickers (Part I)

April 16

Geek Bumper Stickers (Part II)

April 18

DMV Slogans

April 21

Worst Biblical Movies Ever (Part I)

April 22

Worst Biblical Movies Ever (Part II)

April 23

Election 2008 Haikus

April 25

Signs You Might Be in a Cult

April 28

Signs an Airline Is About to Fold

April 29

Pointless Presidential Debate Questions

April 30

Scary Romantic Comedies (Part I)

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